B. <3

Hi! So I think I haven’t shared that much yet about Dennis here in my blog. For today, I’d share some facts about us.

First, let me show you a photo of him. :)

Okay, so on with how we met…

It was last year, Feb 18, 2012. I remember the exact date, because it was an event on our community. It was a Valentine Party. I am part of the band, and he was attending the program. He caught my eye because he looked a LOT like that guy I work with during my OJT. Haha, I was really thinking that it was him! I asked one of my bandmates, Jobelle, which I saw talking to him earlier, what his name is, when she said it was “Dennis“, I said, “Ah, hindi pala siya yun. He really looks like that guy I have a crush with! Haha! Crush ko na siya! :D” I seriously don’t remember if I am serious when I said that. :P Hahahaha.

So there, after the party, I forgot about him COMPLETELY. I was occupied with work left to do at school and completing requirements for graduation.

After about two weeks, a notification popped on my Facebook account. I was tagged on a photo comment by someone, I checked the photo then. There was a conversation before my name was tagged.

So kilig kiligan naman ako nung nabasa ko ‘to diba! Hahaha.

Actually, when I first read it, I didn’t recognize who the guy was. I was like, “Sino ‘tooooo????” Hahaha. But when I saw his display name, “Denz”, I remembered what Jobelle told me what that-guy-that-looked-like-my-crush-at-work‘s name is, I was thinking, “Denz? Is that for Dennis? The guy I saw that looked like AJ? O… M… G… !!!!” Then I browsed through his account and photos to make sure it was him that I saw at the party… at yun na nga, POSITIVE!!! Hahaha. And that explains my comment up there ^^^. Hahahaha. Landi lang. :P

So there, he asked for my number and he called me right away after he got my number. My first impression of him was “presko”, or over confident. Haha, a lot of stories were shared on that first call. He was actually nice to talk with. Cool thing was after a couple of days, we met up. He picked me up at school. I took him on a short tour of my alma mater, we ate dinner at the mall, and talked the night away. It was a really cool “first date”. ;)

Little did I know that Jobelle told him I have a crush on him! Gaaaahhh, talk about keeping secrets. Haha. (But I thanked her later on. Hihi. :”>)

During that time, I was actually just dating around, at hindi na lumalagpas sa third date. After the third date, bye bye na. Either the guy stops texting/seeing me, or I just simply lost interest over that guy. So I was thinking, unless there would be a fourth date, I wouldn’t consider this thing, between me and Dennis, would go somewhere.

Well, what’dya say? I think as of this date, we are on our 100th date, maybe? :) Hihi! :”> But going back!

So yep, we went on a lot of dates, went on a lot of adventure together. We see each other almost everyday. It was a bliss. We are happy together.


All our friends were asking, “Ano na meron sa inyo?”. I honestly don’t know what to tell them. All we know is that we’re happy. He showed up one day in front of our house, and introduced himself to my Mom by himself. Geez! Good thing it turned out good!

Then came my graduation day. A day after “ze big day”, we’d go to Dubai for vacation, for a month. Both of us were kinda sad, no adventure with each other for a month. :(

But it turned out pretty well. We talk a lot online (thanks to Facebook and Skype! Mwah!), and stories never stopped. It almost felt like we’re not on different parts of the world. It was still fun!

My Dad then noticed him always posting on mine and my brother’s wall, to “take care of me FOR HIM”. Dad messaged him through Facebook. He then asked my Dad for permission to court me. They talked, and it turned out well. Seriously honey, your charm works well at my parents, huh? :P

At Morayta, Manila.
At Morayta, Manila.
At Ayala, Makati.
At Ayala, Makati.
At Roxanne's debut.
At Roxanne’s debut.
Roxanne's Debut
Roxanne’s Debut
Mom's 50th birthday. :)
Mom’s 50th birthday. :)

I seriously didn’t make it easy for him. I acted all pa-“hard-to-get“! Some times, I was a bitch, crazy and a brat, but he never got tired, he was so determined and serious about me. I felt really special.

Bonifacio High Street, BGC
Bonifacio High Street, BGC
Enchanted Kingdom! :D
Enchanted Kingdom! :D
Pizza Hut, MOA
Pizza Hut, MOA
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens
EcoPark. <3
EcoPark. <3

After a year, on exactly the same date we first met, February 18, of 2013, while we’re at Quiapo Church, I said “YES”. His reaction was really unexpected, but heart-warming… he cried. It was tears of joy. After all those time, we are now, officially, a COUPLE.

Now, we’re on our 2nd month. And I know our love grows day by day. He was such a precious gift given by God. He’s always there to listen at my rants, crazy stories, sudden singing bursts. He’s my constant date, my best friend,  my food buddy, and everything. :) I consider myself lucky to be with this guy. Never a day went by that he assured me of his love. I wish he knows how happy I am to be with him.

Polaroid shots. <3
Polaroid shots. <3
We feel so carefree around each other. ;)
We feel so carefree around each other. ;)
Constant sweet gestures. <3
Constant sweet gestures. <3
Oh, you cute thing. :">
Oh, you cute thing. :”>
Being our crazy selves! :D
Being our crazy selves! :D

Being with the right person would definitely feel right. You’d be happy even though there are misunderstandings, you’d know that love is always there. Once you find that one, never let go. Make God the center of your relationship, and everything would definitely fall into their right places. :)

And to you, Babe, thank you, for the love, understanding and trust. You’re the best! I love you! <3


4 thoughts on “B. <3

  1. Hahaha. Nakakatawa ang mga style ngayon. Now I feel VERY old na talaga! :D Pero sweet, very sweet…and meant-to-be kasi you noticed him, he notices you — the first time. What are the odds of that?

    Best regards to the both of you.

    1. Exactly Ms. Vayie! Hahaha! Nakakatawa pa yung side ng kwento niya nung first time namin nagmeet. :P Hahaha.
      Iba na nga talaga siguro ang style ngayon. :P But sometimes some of us still wants to go through the traditional process.
      I think, what we have is somewhat traditional, medyo modern-tweaked na lang. Hahaha! Whatever. :)

      Thanks a lot Ms. Vayie! :D

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