Hi there,

How are you? I can see you’re doing well. Me? I’m good. Doing better, actually.

You know what? I dreamt about you last night. It’s not the kind of dream I thought I’d have about you. It was really… weird. Weird in a way that I never expected myself to have reacted that way. Hmm… Okay, I know you don’t know how my dream went. Should I tell it? Hmm, okay… if you insist.


My dream started with me in a some kind of event. It was a big event, almost everyone I know is there, and everyone was happy. I saw you, you said hi and smiled that perfect smile of yours. I just… smiled back.

In my dream, most of the time I was walking around the area, going here and there. It seems like I’m the organizer of that event or something. I passed by you a couple of times, you just gave me that same smile.

The next scene shows us, and a lot of our friends sitting in one area. I was with some, you were with the others. You sit on that chair in front of me. I was laughing and was having a good time, I forgot about you for a while. We told stories, and all those stuff… Suddenly, I remembered you.

I said, “Hey, where’s ____?” They didn’t answer my question.

They just went on with their stories and one even blocked you out from my sight. There, I felt something’s up.

I asked the person blocking my sight of you to get out of the way, and I saw you, kneeling, holding a red box with a ring on your hand, saying, “Will you marry me?” to that girl.

I was shocked. I just stood there, witnessed the whole “romantic” scene, with a blank stare.

She said “Yes.”, I was crushed.

After that I found myself in my dream crying… a lot. Even though I’m asleep, I can feel my heart pounding heavily.

Next thing that happened, you knew that I was crying since the time that you proposed to her. You asked a friend of ours to arrange something for us to talk. Eventually we were in one room. Just the two of us.

You are smiling, and it got me thinking, “The heck is up with that smile?! Is he pleased that I’m sad? Dammit.

You then start to talk, “How are you, Vina?”, I forced a smile and managed to reply “Better than ever, actually.“. And you smiled once again. And didn’t ask anything else.

I got mad. Because I thought you would like to know how I felt after witnessing everything. The rest of my dream was my me crying.

Then I woke up.

So, what’d you think? Weird, right? After waking up, it was all that I was thinking for the whole day. Poor me, I can’t concentrate on work.

I was asking God, what does this mean, I dream about you a couple of times already.

You know what? Sometimes I want to know what you’re thinking of. About me, about us, and everything that happened, was happening, and would happen around us. I know I’m over you, and whatever this is. I’m a lot more happy right now.

But dear, please know that you are special to me. I treasure every memory and moment we’ve shared. You’ll forever be a part of my story. I wish someday we’d be friends. Hope you’d someday be open with that.

Someday I wish that we can bring back the friendship that was lost. After all, we’ve been friends first, right? :)

So there, I just want to let you know about my dream, and hopefully you won’t get weirded out once you read this. Hehe.

Be safe dear. God bless.

– Princess


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