Being a Bookworm

As a student, it has always been easy for me to start reading a new book. After I finished projects, met deadlines, passed all requirements, a good book is my new best friend. Especially during semester and summer breaks, I can read up to 5-7 books in the summer, depending on the novel’s length.

As for my reading preference, I enjoy reading fiction. Some of the books I read are novels by Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, Dan Brown, David Nicholls, Suzanne Collins, John Green and other local writers’ novels.

Reading a good book makes me forget about everything, in just a few minutes of reading, I’d be lost on a different world. I’d be living with the characters of the book, or, sometimes, I will be the protagonist in the novel. :P And after I read the book, I feel that sad feeling that you don’t know what to do with your life anymore. :(

And with that, I found a poem that beautifully describes my love for books. Found this at :)

A Book

by Adelaide Love

A book, I think, is very like
A little golden door
That takes me into places
Where I’ve never been before.

It leads me into fairyland
Or countries strange and far
And, best of all, the golden door
Always stands ajar.

So the first part describes what I said on the onset of this post, and what I love is the last part… “the golden door always stands ajar.”

True naman diba? :) It leaves you wondering for the next adventure you’d be at. What story and characters would you next stumble with?

Wala lang. Just want to share my love for books. Though I know I haven’t read that much lately, since work pretty much occupies most of my time na.

But I’m looking forward on reading another, I have a list that I would share on my futures posts. :)



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