Polaroid Love <3

I’ve been really dreaming of having a polaroid camera ever since I was a kid. And just when I thought it would remain a dream, they gave us Fujifilm‘s Instax cameras. Yey! :D 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8! :) Cute, right? :D
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8! :) Cute, right? :D

So I promised myself that I have to get myself one of these. I chipped in some of my cash into my savings box every pay day. A little amount every now and then. Because this kind of hobby reaaaaally requires your passion and BUDGET. Seriously. Haha. It doesn’t come cheap, but the happiness it gives you, being someone that really treasures memories? Priceless. So that’s what makes it worth it.

After a few months of saving money, I was able to buy myself one. YEY! I got the pink one, Instax Mini 8, and from a really good deal. I bought it on the Fujifilm Store at SM North EDSA Cyberzone for a reasonable price. Here are a few photos of HER. <3

My new baby! :D
Pinky sooo cute! :D
Pinky sooo cute! :D

And of course, some of her shots. :)

1st photo: Alvin, Julia and Me; 2nd: Me and Dennis; 3rd: Jayson, me and Kuya Ronelle, 4th: My cray cray siblings. Hahaha.

Tita Buena & Rich, and the Bautista Family. :)
Tita Buena & Rich, and the Bautista Family. :)

The pack includes:

a. Instax camera

b. 1 pink hand strap

c. 2 AA batteries

d. Manual

Yep, no free films for me. </3 Had to buy it separately. Had to cash in a big chunk of money in additional. I heard *chaching*’s all over the store. Did I mention this hobby requires budget?

But I was seriously all giddy and jumpy while buying it. Ask niyo pa si Dennis. Hahaha. I was like a kid that was given her favorite candy after a long time of waiting. Haha, that type of giddy. :D

After buying it, all I wanted was to go home and snap my very first polaroid photo. Haha. I really loved it! I recommend buying it especially to those that really loves photo snapping and treasures precious moments through photos.

That’s all for now, I have to snap another photo. Haha! Bye bye! :D


9 thoughts on “Polaroid Love <3

    1. Exactly Ms. Vayieeee! I feel like a little girl just by holding it. :P

      Yes, those papers are really expensive. Maybe because it saves you the hassle of going to the photo studio to have them films developed. :)

  1. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. Thought I would see what you are up to and now I see. I didnt realise you could still get an instant camera, The film used be very expensive when they first came out so no surpirses you still need to budget to buy the film now. Enjoy, it looks like great fun.

    1. Hi Jayne! Thank you for your comment. :)

      Yes, I actually just used up my second pack of films, and I enjoyed it a lot! It’s great for portraits and photos with friends and family. Some of them would ask to take the photos, and I’d be like, “Okay…”, ’cause you know how expensive the films are. Haha. But anyway, I’d still like to keep taking photos from it, and I make sure I save a few bucks so that I can include a budget for my instant camera. :)

  2. Loved this post! But how much are these exactly? I just want to know how much the expenses will be. I’ve been eyeing this camera for months. Thanks anyway! :-)

    1. Hi Diana! :)

      Well the camera is just for 4,180PHP. Film is bought separately, which is for another 860PHP for a pack of 20 films. Though you can keep an eye out on Ensogo.com.ph, since they give promos for instax films for just 340 for the same pack of films. :) You can find these cameras on Fujifilm stores. :(

      Thanks a lot for dropping by! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment. :)

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