On Faithfulness and Loyalty

faith·ful  (fthfl)


1. Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal.
2. Engaging in sex only with one’s spouse or only with one’s partner in a sexual relationship.
3. Having or full of faith.
4. Worthy of trust or belief; reliable.
5. Consistent with truth or actuality: a faithful reproduction of the portrait.

1. The practicing members of a religious faith, especially of Christianity or Islam: a pilgrimage to Mecca made by the faithful.
2. The steadfast adherents of a faith or cause: a meeting of the party faithful.

loy·al·ty  (loil-t)

n. pl. loy·al·ties

1. The state or quality of being loyal.
2. A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection. Often used in the plural: My loyalties lie with my family.

(Source: thefreedictionary.com)


What does these words mean to us? Are these just words, or principles we should live by? Our faithfulness and loyalty are tested at least once a day. May it be to your religion’s supreme being, or on your partner.

Basically, these words boil down in to one thought. Are you faithful, are you loyal, or are you not?

Simply put, being faithful is living by the teachings of your religion, being monogamous with your spouse/partner and other things like that.

These days, I don’t know why it’s SO HARD for people to stay loyal. People keep on changing religions, people keep on cheating.

I want to talk about religion, but I’d rather not since this is a very sensitive topic, I know we all have our own beliefs and preferences, and I respect that. So on with the cheating part.

I am disgusted with people who cheat on their partners (Couldn’t emphasize it more). Why be on a commitment on the first place if you don’t plan of being faithful as long as you’re together? Eh that’s only for boyfriend-girlfriend cases, whereas it’s a different case on married people.

And to married-people-who-are-cheating: HELLOOOOO! Mahiya naman kayo. Unang una, sa Diyos, where you said your vows in front of, on your spousethat have been there for you for everything, on your kids (if any), that look up to you, to your spouse’s parents, who took the liberty to hand over their son/daughter to you, to your parents, who raised you up, and most especially, to YOURSELF, that you can’t even be accountable of what you say and promised to do. It’s such a shame, really.

No one wants to be cheated at. Even our teachers at school feel bad and get mad once they catch a student cheating, what more if that’s the person that promised to be with you, and only you, for the rest of your life, that’s cheating. What if sa’yo mangyari ‘yon? MASAKIT DIBA?

I wrote this blog post because this came up to mind last night, out of nowhere. I pity those who are victims of cheating, and most especially to those that can’t be faithful, they might have serious issues with themselves.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy, just had to let it all out. Hahaha, I might explode if I don’t let out my thoughts one way or another.

Let me know what you think, if anyone’s reading this. :)


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