The First Few Days

As to some may know, me and Dennis were officially together since last month, we just hit our first month anniversary a couple of days ago. Now let me tell you a funny (kinda) story. :)

On our first week of being an official couple, he said, “Anong date na ngayon? Ay, nakaka-4 days na tayo!”. Which made me think he likes to count days/months off. So on our 2nd week, I said, “2 weeks na tayo!”, on which he replied, “Wag mo na masyado bilangin.“. Which I thought was fine. It’s just that, maybe we’re just all giddy and was always counting because it was our first time to have days/months celebrations after a long time, as we’ve both been single for a couple of years. So parang excited pa nga. :)

So our first month anniversary came, and I promised myself not to greet him unless he greets me first, besides I was under the impression that he doesn’t want to celebrate monthsaries. And I also think that it’s too childish. I mean, why celebrate months if you could be together for years, right?

So there it was. When I read his good morning text message, there’s no greeting. Even during his lunchtime text. (We’re both working this day.) By 2PM he’s already done with his shift. And it was just my lunchtime. I decided to eat outside of the office since I haven’t packed any lunch. I was also kinda hoping that he’d drop by my office. So I was there, alone, eating my lunch, thinking I’m celebrating our first month by myself. Sad, right? :(

But then he texted me, while I was a quarter through with my lunch break, “Gusto mo pumunta ako diyan?“, I replied, “Ikaw bahala, ikaw naman pupunta eh.

Pumunta naman siya.

We hung out on the 4th floor of our office building which has  a mini garden on it. I was waiting for some greeting from him. But he never did. 5 minutes before my lunch break was through, I told him I have to go na. He walked me to our building’s elevator and said goodbye. I was like, “Okay, no celebrations then! “. The day went on, and no greeting from any of us. I was so exhausted as this was also my first day on my new department, so I fell asleep a few minutes after going home.

After 2 hours, my sleep was distracted, and I think it was his texts that made me wake up. Saw 5 texts and 3 missed calls. One of the text messages said, “Tinulugan mo na ko. :(“ Yes, with a sad face. Haha. Which made me smile because, lately, he just lets me sleep once I’m not responding to his text messages or answering his calls, so it made me feel he really wanted to talk to me. Hihi. :”>

So I called him! I said sorry, and I was just really tired I’ve fallen asleep. He said it was okay. Then later on he said, “Anong date ba ngayon?“, I said, “Uhm, 18?“, “Ohh, one month na pala tayo!”, “Ay,  oo nga noh?” Patay malisya naman ako. Hahaha. And then he asked me if I don’t want to celebrate monthsaries, and do I prefer to count it by days.

Actually… I’d prefer counting it in YEARS. :)

So there, we greeted each other and agreed we both want to celebrate it monthly even in the most simplest way. So what’s funny is that we’re waiting for each other’s greeting pala! Anubayan. Hahaha.

Being with Dennis really makes me see life much more positively, he gives me such positive vibes from his smile up to his crazy antics. He’s always there with me thru everything. He even helps me in decisions about my career, where at times, with me being impulsive, I tend to take the wrong direction, but he’s always there, beside me. <3

I’m not being cheesy, I just really appreciate this guy so much. And so I thank the Lord for sending him my way. :”>


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